World Cavity-Free Future Day: Smiles Across Generations

Today marks the annual World Cavity-Free Future Day (WCFFD), a global awareness day first launched by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACDFF) in 2016. This initiative strives to raise awareness of dental caries (tooth decay) and to encourage action towards achieving a cavity-free future.

Dental caries is the most chronic disease on the planet, despite being largely preventable. According to the World Health Organisation (2020), 44% of the world’s population suffer from tooth decay, making caries the most prevalent global condition.

It is tooth decay as a disease across the life course, with each group and generation facing different experiences. Globally, 60-90% of children are affected by caries, nearly 100% of adults have tooth decay and 30% of adults aged 65-74 have no natural teeth. The quality of sufferer’s lives are dramatically impacted through pain and discomfort, loss of time at school or work and costly treatments.

Now in its fifth year, WCFFDay’s theme this year is Smiles Across Generation. It is crucial to start casual conversations among adults, children and seniors to help understand the importance of taking control of their oral health. Having these conversations is key to the road towards reducing the number of people who develop cavities and helping secure a cavity-free future for generations to come.

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